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Some times we always want so badly that Allah can grants all our wishes. We always pray…pray.. n pray…. when we got caught many difficulties in live. When in that circumstances we always remember Allah. But why we can easily forget to do our simple obligation as a moslem. Just the simple one, like sholat for five times each day.  Why don’t we make sholat as the first important priority in our life each day. Sometimes, we neglect sholat to do other things first. We should make sholat as our need not our obligation to Allah.


Sometime, when I try to remember my life,  I just feel very embarrass with my self… Hundred, thousand even million times saying astaghfirullah will never be good enough. Remember all the faults that I’ve done…..


I wish Allah always give me a constancy creed… always remind me… and never stops to say…

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Berbagi hal kecil dapat bermanfaat besar … memudahkan :)

Alhamdulillah searching di dengan keyword “label undangan tom & jerry” – kalo ga salah ya, nemu site yang mengarahkan ke

Bagi yang mau membuat label undangan, insyaAllah memudahkan. Terima kasih yang sudah mau sharing 🙂

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